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Welcome to
Danny Boy Private Investigations LLC

You got Danny Boy?
That's all you had to say!

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The world is drastically changing. Each year more and more people are going missing. We have all seen the weekly Facebook posts of missing people.

Add the Human Trafficking issues into the mix.

Now more than ever there needs to be people willing to help.

Danny Boy Private Investigations LLC is not your ordinary Private Investigations firm.

At Danny Boy we do not take cheating spouses or cheating relationships cases.

We do not take workman's compensation or any related personal injury cases.

While there is money to be made in these services. There is plenty of other Private Investigators that can take these cases.

Danny Boy would rather focus it's attention on Missing persons, Elderly welfare checks, Anti-Stalking services.

Danny Boy is also a licensed Process Server, and starting a new Urban Legends, Cryptids, UFO/UAP, Paranormal investigative division.

Free Initial Consultations

We like making sure our clients are completely satisfied with the services we provide, which is why providing this is so important for our Private Investigation Firm . As a service-oriented company, your satisfaction is our success, and that means doing everything we can to make you feel safe and protected, while simultaneously working hard to accurately and thoroughly try to solve each case we work on. Experience top-notch quality. Experience Danny Boy Private Investigations.

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