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Missing Persons

This is where Danny Boy focuses most of its attention. Danny Boy will work with the family, friends, and loved ones to help find the missing persons.

While each case is different. Danny Boy will work relentlessly to help find answers.

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Elderly Wellness Checks

This plan could be for out of state friends, or relatives that want to make sure their loved ones are safe.

This plan could also be for yourself. Just to make sure you have someone checking in on you.

For a monthly fee. Danny Boy will visit your loved one once a week for 15 minutes.

During the visit Danny Boy will check on the client and make sure they are being taken care of.

A Face Time video call of up to 10 minutes will be offered as part of this service.


Unfortunately you see in the news about restraining orders not working. People are tired of being harassed. 

This service is for the individual(s) who are fed up.

With this plan. Danny Boy can help serve the restraining order. Then Danny Boy can do surveillance on the client's work, or residence for certain hours when commonly harassed.

If the restraining order is violated. Then Danny Boy can take pictures, videos, and notify authorities if needed.

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Supervised Visitation

Danny Boy will offer supervised visits. If there is a court order requiring visits to be supervised. Danny Boy will act in that capacity. 

Danny Boy will be professional, and write a report of the visit.

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Danny Boy Fees

Danny Boy Private Investigations LLC

charges $44/hour.

There will be a $200 minimum deposit required at time of contracting for Missing persons. Updated: For the time being Danny Boy will offer this service over half off. At $20/hour, and $99 minimum deposit. Availability is limited.

The Elderly Wellness plan is $44 a month. With a $44 minimum deposit. Spaces are limited for this plan

Anti-Stalking is $44/hour.

$200 minimum deposit required.

Danny Boy will work with clients on which hours of day/night are most needed for surveillance. 

Supervised Visitation


$200 minimum deposit required.

Can supervise for max of 6 hours

Public setting.

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